Bubbles, contained.Twenty-twelve.Everything Must Go.Escalate.Alien eyes.Motion.Lace.My lazy day.Round two.Swimmy.Glassy.One sock.Lil Iceman.  Cometh.A wiggly outburst.Anakin / the stubborn child.Glass, again.Eadem mutata resurgo.Spoon.Corridor.June self-portrait:  under water.My May self-portrait.Happy birthday, friend (repeat photo from 4 years ago).As seen in a bathroom.Stormy night.Adventures in car rentals.March self-portrait.Love amongst the bricks.I'm here.I have a new nemesis and it is a parking garage.A blue eye.Happy Fourth of Valentine's!  Oh, wait...These old shoes.1, 2, 3.Bamboo eyeball.January self-portrait.Lovely January.The aftermath.Warble.Feelin' a little bit backwards.October self-portrait (again -- oops) - Demeter.Hallow owl.October self-portrait:  33.Fire dancer.September self-portrait; or, the dog ate my hat.Just sittin'.Pipe smoke.In restless dreams I walked alone.Keep smilin'.I dream of winter.Rainbow.Mug.Fountain.Frog tired.May self-portrait.Up with the owls.Intertwined.  Or chained.St. Francis revisited.Nap?  Please?Happy 3rd Birthday, Camera Shy.Buttery.Beam me up!Blue skateboard.Frog eyes.March self-portrait.Lifestar.Hungry dino.A little bit lostWindow shopping.Fortune telling.Good-bye, Christmas.St. FrancisWoot!  Christmas loot!Clowning around...groan...Sharp!Fun Dollywood bokeh!Flaky.December self-portrait.Irregular night.Simple pleasures.100%!Give a hoot.Crepe paper poinsettias.Streetlight.Marbled.Circles.Be like the squirrel, girl.Chimes.Nightfall.Express.I dream of cameras.Church/personal/thinky.More lines.August self-portrait.And learn to fly again.Untitled.Disconnected.Simmons.Vent.Vacation '09.Strangers.Out of focus.Norris Day fireworks.Slump.Ghost.Scraggly knot.Monday.Monster bed.