Grasshopper on my van.The beginnings of the Plum Room.Pineapple.Bubbles, contained.The Rainbow Acorn.As seen at the Children's Museum.My wonderful haphazard garden.20 years.June self-portrait:  under water.My neighbor.June diptych.  My rainy night.Iris.I want this sign!I think she's smiling.  Catnap.Sprouts!!The future herb garden.First flower.I miss this hat.Turtle in the sun.Triclops.Spring??In anticipation of snow.  Who knows?  Snellow.O-R IT.Now that's an impressive flat tire!Chore time.Indoor leaf study.These old shoes.Avocado leaf.The aftermath.Olives & Spiderman.Warble.Ice storms are purdy.Soup.  Yep, soup.A trip to the pumpkin patch.  : )Alex.Eli.  Autumn.September self-portrait; or, the dog ate my hat.Frosted Flakes.Sleep well, sweet Mayhap.July self-portrait, taken in May.Fiesta!Doorknobs.I'm sure you won't approve.Mud bath.Mug.Mud Fun Day.Summer herbs.Up with the owls.Bucket.A gathering of friends.Nap?  Please?Happy 3rd Birthday, Camera Shy.My Friday evening.Nessie.Blue skateboard.Cookie.Finch eggs.Egg time.Kitchen colors.Oregano on my windowsill.Red shed.Red berries.A little bit lostLittle drifts.Foggy morning window.My comfy bed in my green room.Wishing for snow.A little message in my new house.The Welcome Penguin.November self-portrait.Night-time projects.Eye to eye.Bored.Water.  Balloons.Furry friends!Farfalle & olives.Sunlight & shadows.Shamwow!Sillyness.