Grasshopper on my van.Meet Ferdinand, the Eastern Box Turtle.Fly.This.  <doing what you love to do>Sometimes I miss the prairie (dogs).Go!  Go -- Gadget Oomph!  Just *go* already, will you?!Chicken Boo in disguise.Space...the final frontier."Don't listen to me, listen."I am thankful for things strange and beautiful.  Hyacinth.My friend the cuttlefish.Pignose.Why, hello there.Emu.Coils.Friday.The summer rooster.Hey little kitty...Look at those eyes!I love raptors!Overexposed.Another time, same place.Lil green guy.Sleepy sheepies.Alex.My neighbor's cat.Sleep well, sweet Mayhap.Eagle guy.Barred owl.The Gulf.A fleeting glimpse of the barred owl I found in my backyard.On the edge.Snack time for deer.Little blue.Nessie.Weiner.A little blue on a big foot.Finch eggs.Another little friend among the magnolias.Drama in real life.Moth eye.Leprechaun.Fallen feather.Too sleepy to think of a clever title.  : )Little wildcat.Owl eyes.Seabirds.Slow moving.A warm picture for a cold rainy night.Sheeply.Spider, spider.Fortune teller.Oh yeah, they're wild.Dewdrops.Puppy bug.Gulls.Beach birdy.Yea!  A butterfly!Furry friends!The water-flinging spider.Ladylike.