Carrots, via West Wind Farms CSA.Strawberries...from the Oak Ridge Farmers' Market.Cabbage!Drops.Sleepy pic.Pinkburst.Late October corn.Acorn.My wonderful haphazard garden.Photowalk leaves.A mess of flowers.Being Simple.Iris.Sprouts!!Another maggie.Hundreds of tiny eyeballs.Maggie.Cone.Walking under the catalpas.Spring?  No...not yet.Indoor leaf study.Avocado leaf.Topsy turvy!Ice storms are red goldConiferous # 2.Coniferous.Close-up.Brenda's grass.Funny fungus.The Gulf.Forgotten bulb.Simple green.Snack time for deer.Summer herbs.Bright colors, sleepy me.Quiet afternoon.Congratulations, J & C!A path that wanders.Daffodil.  A mess of magnolias.Another little friend among the magnolias.Rootbound.  Droplets.Oregano on my windowsill.Green.First crocus.Orchid revisited.The lovely orchid.Walk in the wildflowers.Craving springtime.Mushy.Eucalyptus.Cold!Ready for beddy tonighty.Turn into.Beautiful black gum.Crispy!Ah, ye lovely fall day!Golden fall light.Be like the squirrel, girl.Down by the water.Pinecone.Cilantro.Zinnia.Wishful thinking.Hardy duncecap.Pesto.  Presto.Fireworks.July 3rd.Blah.False moon.Coneflowers at Stanley's Greenhouse.Shirley known as Stanley.Monster bed.Busy.Shamwow!