Meet Ferdinand, the Eastern Box Turtle.Cinco.Fly.This.  <doing what you love to do>Strawberries...from the Oak Ridge Farmers' Market.It was a good day today.Fun at AMSE!Why, hello there.Lucky decor.Guest photographer!Wow.My youngest, armed.As seen at the Children's Museum.Swimmy.Photowalk leaves.Keep your eyes ahead. A mess of flowers.20 years.A wiggly outburst.Coils.Curves & missing pieces, part two.A nice message.Anakin / the stubborn child.Glass, again.Hands on hips.Happy 4th of July!REACH!I love my neighborhood.Look at those eyes!I love raptors!Spoon.E.I'm glad they're back.  : )My neighbor.Risk and reward.Overexposed.Constant motion.My three sons.Owl eyes in the scrap pile.Don't stop believin'.Community build.Solar.Another time, same place.Ball o' trash.Glass.I want this sign!Transition.Fort Southwest Point.Guest photographer / fish mouth.Hundreds of tiny eyeballs.Maggie.Almost symmetrical.O-R IT.Now that's an impressive flat tire!Spring?  No...not yet.Christmas is indeed over...but these blues just won't go's almost Monday.Feelin' a little bit backwards.Color-ific!A shameless red goldConiferous # 2.Coniferous.Jefferson.Listening.Boots.Evening walk.Comparison.Blue-tipped.Eagle guy.Barred owl.Adventures.Weaponry.A gaggle of reenactors. A fleeting glimpse of the barred owl I found in my backyard.Forgotten bulb.Light rain & softball.Fountain.The St. Stephen's Beheaders.Broken mirror.Snack time for deer.Globes.Rising up to the challenge of our rival!Baby.Nunsuch.CCR.St. Francis revisited.Nuns.Dancers.Not Dr. Dog.Sneaky asparagus. The always lovely Christa DeCicco.It was super and hoopy.Softball!The littlest Beheader.Track & Field.A serious egg hunter.A mess of magnolias.Another little friend among the magnolias.Drama in real life.Cars.Green.Better luck next time, ye litterbug.Days are just drops in the river.Almost hidden.Fallen feather.Superstitious?One last snow picture.Peeking sunshine.Blue tubes.Snowflakes on Moleskine.Choo choo rain.A little bit lostLittle drifts.Icy!Anticipation.Owl eyes.Slow moving.Borrowed snow.Clowning around...groan...Flaky.Tuba tuba.Marching feet.I love a parade!My first photo show.  : )Balance.Ice cream.October at the Arboretum.Cross country.I dream of cameras.Foogy morning.Down by the water.Church/personal/thinky.Rowers...!Underwater again.Underwater.Playground lines.Friday smile.A fun Friday evening.Lizz'sThe cat brothers.Ernie the reenactor.WWII reenactment at the 2009 Secret City Festival.Rosewood.Going in circles.Smiley.