Team Bird, take 2.Team Bird.Woody Pines at Brackins (Maryville).And Ben on the piano!A Christabel Christmas.Sneaky Scott pic.The Rainbow My old friend.Let's do the Time Warp...again.My break / my birthday and / or the Art of Almost.The dancers.Bag of Bones.The fifes 'n drums.From April.Emergency exit only!Round two.I remember why I like doing this.Keep your eyes ahead. Out of focus, but still present.Let's drive to the countryside.Trumpet.Feet & jeans.Being Simple.Don't stop believin'.Eat them up - yum!My natural vignette.Accordion.  Annoyingly nostalgic. : )Guest photographer / fish mouth.Exit strategy.Yesterday's picture, today.Reflective swirl.Keeping it in.Beautiful strings.Jeff of the Westside Daredevils. Head, heart, hustle!Ian Thomas.Multi-instrumentalist.Toby!Scott!Charity Rose.  The Head and the Heart.  Knoxville.Frank of Dr. Dog.Noisy.T.V. Barnett of the Roan Mountain Moonshiners.Boots & bass.Carols at the courthouse.Storytellers.Backup.  Fiddler, Shotgun Party.Panty wash.Just because.Woody Pines at Bristol.Not too sharp.A guy from a band I didn't get to see.Woody Pines, 9/19.Listening.Comparison.Music man.Annie Clark, from the archives.Strangers with bubbles.Christabel.Come thou font of every blessing.Instruments.Rising up to the challenge of our rival!Baby.Nunsuch.CCR.Fortunate.Seth.Dancers.Not Dr. Dog.Nashville bound.The always lovely Christa DeCicco.Pokey & Megan.The lovely St. Vincent.The strange new world of swing dancing.Ok...I fibbed.One more from last night.Woody Pines.When a string restring.Irregular night.Red bow.Tuba tuba.Sock envy.Fifes and drum.A nice it really already October 21?Buds.It calls to me...Gulp!Another Bristol pic.Musician on the street.Our weekend with Dr. Dog.Nightfall.A fun Friday evening.Cello girl.Rosewood.