Team Bird, take 2.Team Bird.Hawkeye or Captain America?This.  <doing what you love to do>It was a good day today.My non-instagram, but still instagram?A pic from the easiest photo shoot ever.A Christabel Christmas.Sneaky Scott pic.The Rainbow At Stingray Bay.My old friend.Let's do the Time Warp...again.Furrowed brow.Dot.Lucky decor.My break / my birthday and / or the Art of Almost.Guest photographer!The dancers.Wow.Baby blue eyes!Bored?Lines.From April.Willy is 7!Nonverbal communication.Alien eyes.Swoon.Shadow Swag.Willy's hands.A carnation found.Well, just look at all those lights.Lucy.  : )I remember why I like doing this.Gotta love the candids.Keep your eyes ahead. My August self-portrait is neither.40's? is a flyin'.Hands on hips.Happy 4th of July!REACH!I love my neighborhood.The summer rooster.Trumpet.A very sweet family.Feet & jeans.E.My neighbor.June diptych.  Hello, summer.Risk and reward.Constant motion.Don't stop believin'.Community build.My friend the biscuit.My Williamsburg.My natural vignette.Accordion.  Lil Leo study.Light.Lovely  Lucy.She hates it when I post a pic of her...but...she's so happy in this one...The aftermath.Multiples.Glass.I wonder if Leo is still waiting for his punch to turn into Jell-O?Annoyingly nostalgic. : )Transition.Fort Southwest Point.Cloaks.Sandwich.Guest photographer / fish mouth.A pic from Saturday.Exit strategy.Yesterday's picture, today.Bristol girl.Reflective swirl.Keeping it in.T & D.Jeff of the Westside Daredevils.J.First dance.Go. Head, heart, hustle!Leo!Fall girls.Ian Thomas.Toby!Scott!Charity Rose.  The Head and the Heart.  Knoxville.Frank of Dr. Dog.Walking under the catalpas.Railing.Carved...or block head...or blank stare...Three colonial dudes walkin'.When I am an old woman...Buh-bye, 2010!E.Willers.Motes.One of the blacksmiths...Olives & Spiderman.Nice hat.Storytellers.Happy fall.A shameless plug...October.Eli.  Autumn.Woody Pines at Bristol.MacKenzie & Abby.Jefferson.Listening.In love.Boots.Brenda's grass.Music man.Thriller.Go jump in a lake!Afternoon at the lake.Fiesta!Strangers with bubbles.Thumbnail.Mud bath.Christabel.The Gulf.A gaggle of reenactors. Light rain & softball.Simple green.The St. Stephen's Beheaders.Camille and I.Baby.CCR.Scattered shadows.Fortunate.Spectators.A gathering of friends.Nuns.Dancers.Not Dr. Dog.Nashville bound.Shelby?Beam me up!"Why yes!  I am going to smack you with this!"Reflective.The always lovely Christa DeCicco.Congratulations, J & C!Open & Closed.April self-portrait.Pokey & Megan.Prom kids.Softball!The littlest Beheader.Track & Field.A serious egg hunter.The lovely St. Vincent.Frozen Head.Pier kid.The strange new world of swing dancing.Days are just drops in the river.Bearded.Ok...I fibbed.One more from last night.Woody Pines.When a string restring.Orchid revisited.Surfer guy, last summer.A little bit lostA little message in my new house.The Welcome Penguin.Thoughtful, anxious.Three nuns.Clowning around...groan...Merry Christmas Eve!Chair.Tuba tuba.Marching feet.I love a parade!2 girls, 2 dogs.Forest.Yet another Williamsburg picture...Sock envy.Shoe envy.Turquoise & gold.Turn into.People watching.Allstar.Fifes and it really already October 21?Balance.Ice cream.Buds.I love people.Gulp!Another Bristol pic.A dude and some empty chairs.Ruth.Song.Cross country.Nerds need love too.Beardy.Musician on the street.Nightfall.