Sometimes I miss the prairie (dogs).Go!  Go -- Gadget Oomph!  Just *go* already, will you?!Chicken Boo in disguise.Hotch potch.Black-eyed peas (now without auto-tune)!  ; )My eldest son.The reds and greens.Cabbage!I saw three boys.Ready.Space...the final frontier.Drops.A sign at the Choo-Choo."Don't listen to me, listen."Sleepy pic.I am thankful for things strange and beautiful.  Pinkburst.At Stingray Bay.Hyacinth.My friend the cuttlefish.Motes at the Blacksmith.The fifes 'n drums.Motion.My August self-portrait is neither.Let's drive to the is a flyin'.I crusha...Curves & missing pieces.Summer vacation.July self-portrait  - Nashville.I'm glad they're back.  : )Subtle Touch.Eat them up - yum!My friend the biscuit.My Williamsburg.I think she's smiling.  Cloaks.Sandwich.Adventures in car rentals.Bristol girl.Tools.February self-portrait, taken in December.Now that's an impressive flat tire!Walking under the catalpas.T.V. Barnett of the Roan Mountain Moonshiners.Scary doll # 4.Boots & bass.1, 2, 3.Bamboo eyeball.Railing.A hat, with a feather.  Love, love.Carved...or block head...or blank stare...Rapunzel's wig shop.Tiny city.Three colonial dudes walkin'.When I am an old woman...Sleepy sheepies.Cresset!Buh-bye, 2010!E.Willers.The eldest.Topsy turvy!Motes.Carols at the courthouse.Willy in Gaol.One of the blacksmiths...Christmas...Christmas vacation!Nice hat.Scary doll # 3.Fiddler, Shotgun Party.Panty wash.Just because.Cameo.Woody Pines at Bristol.Girl & doll.Just sittin'.Not too sharp.A guy from a band I didn't get to see.Woody Pines, 9/19.Popcorn.In restless dreams I walked alone.Ring the bell.Garage.Red triangle.Chair-y.Where I'd like to be.Norris Day.The Gulf.Every which way.Mama pig.Willy in Asheville.Mother's Day.Nashville bound.Wheels.Contrasty-Will.A little blue on a big foot.A path that wanders.Hello blue.Old timer.Rose petals on Gay Street.Red bull.Water boy.Moth eye.Pier kid.Leprechaun.Kitchen colors.Bearded.Hiding upstairs.When a string restring.Yup.Circles in the dark.Surfer guy, last summer.Crosby Threshing Barn at Norris Dam State Park.Seabirds.Window shopping.Thoughtful, anxious.Shutters.Streetlight.2 girls, 2 dogs.Yet another Williamsburg picture...Sock envy.Shoe envy.Turquoise & gold.Up or down?People watching.Beautiful black gum.Sheeply.Allstar.Fifes and drum.Twine.Attached to hats.A nice tune.October it really already October 21?Buds.It calls to me...I love people.Gulp!Another Bristol pic.A dude and some empty chairs.Ruth.Song.Nerds need love too.Beardy.Musician on the street.Our weekend with Dr. Dog.Save the manatee.Khaki.Quiet spiral.Rusty.B.Bundled.Bottles.Open your big eyes.Set sail.Amelia Hotel at the Beach.Gulls.Blue.Sunrise, sunrise.My mom.I'm on a pier.I'm on a boat.Beach birdy.Baby Zelda!Crabby.  : )