Leo vs. the carrotSpinach gratin.Carrots, via West Wind Farms CSA.Strawberries...from the Oak Ridge Farmers' Market.Pineapple.Earful.Purty peppers.Eat them up - yum!My friend the biscuit.Multiples.Salsa night.The future herb garden.Dinner at the Tomato Head.Enough of the veggies, already.Onion.Artichoke.Pancakes!Broccoli.A shameless plug...Naked eggplant.Frosted Flakes.Bowl o' basil.Summer herbs.A gathering of friends.Sneaky asparagus. Buttery.Cookie.Hill of beans...er...peas.Turkey and Owl day.Turkey eve.Green!Cilantro.Mr. Strawberry.Staring down the cake.Blueberries!Pesto.  Presto.The wisdom of Shrek.Wontons.