Team Bird, take 2.Team Bird.Grasshopper on my van.Soccer dude!Meet Ferdinand, the Eastern Box Turtle.Cinco.Hawkeye or Captain America?Leo vs. the carrotFly.This.  <doing what you love to do>Spinach gratin.Sometimes I miss the prairie (dogs).Carrots, via West Wind Farms CSA.Strawberries...from the Oak Ridge Farmers' Market.Woody Pines at Brackins (Maryville).Go!  Go -- Gadget Oomph!  Just *go* already, will you?!It was a good day today.The beginnings of the Plum Room.Fun at AMSE!Pineapple.Bubbles, contained.My non-instagram, but still instagram?Chicken Boo in disguise.Hotch potch.Black-eyed peas (now without auto-tune)!  ; )My eldest son.Twenty-twelve.The reds and greens.Cabbage!I saw three boys.Ready.Observing the Tree.A pic from the easiest photo shoot ever.Space...the final frontier.Drops.A sign at the Choo-Choo.And Ben on the piano!A Christabel Christmas."Don't listen to me, listen."Sneaky Scott pic.The Rainbow Thinkin'.Sleepy pic.I am thankful for things strange and beautiful.  Pinkburst.At Stingray Bay.Hyacinth.My friend the cuttlefish.Pignose.My old friend.Motes at the Blacksmith.Let's do the Time Warp...again.Furrowed brow.Why, hello there.Frankenwiller.Grin.Halloween 2011.Late October corn.Dot.Everything Must Go.Lucky decor.A tradition, now in its 4th year.My break / my birthday and / or the Art of Almost.Escalate.Guest photographer!The dancers.Wow.Bag of Bones.The fifes 'n drums.Baby blue eyes!Bored?Lines.Acorn.From April.My youngest, armed.Earful.Willy is 7!Nonverbal communication.Alien eyes.Swoon.Shadow Swag.Motion.Willy's hands.Lace.A carnation found.My lazy day.Well, just look at all those lights.As seen at the Children's Museum.Emergency exit only!Lucy.  : )My wonderful haphazard garden.Round two.Swimmy.I remember why I like doing this.Gotta love the candids.Photowalk leaves.Peepers?Keep your eyes ahead. Out of focus, but still present.My August self-portrait is neither.Glassy.Let's drive to the countryside.One sock.40's?Lil Iceman.  Cometh.Purty peppers.A mess of flowers.EEEEKKK!  ...oh...it20 is a flyin'.A wiggly outburst.I crusha...Emu.Coils.Curves & missing pieces, part two.Curves & missing pieces.Summer vacation.A nice message.Anakin / the stubborn child.Glass, again.Hands on hips.Happy 4th of July!July self-portrait  - Nashville.REACH!Eadem mutata resurgo.I love my neighborhood.Friday.The summer rooster.Hey little kitty...Look at those eyes!Trumpet.I love raptors!Spoon.A very sweet family.Corridor.Feet & jeans.June self-portrait:  under water.E.I'm glad they're back.  : )My neighbor.June diptych.  Being Simple.Hello, summer.Risk and reward.Overexposed.Willy on my mind.Constant motion.My three sons.Owl eyes in the scrap pile.Don't stop believin'.Community build.Subtle Touch.Eat them up - yum!My friend the biscuit.My May self-portrait.Solar.Kids in a kayak!My Williamsburg.My natural vignette.My friend's graduation.Accordion.  Happy birthday, friend (repeat photo from 4 years ago).Another time, same place.My rainy night.Ball o' trash.Lil Leo study.Light.Lovely  Lucy.She hates it when I post a pic of her...but...she's so happy in this one...Businessman.The aftermath.As seen in a bathroom.Multiples.Glass.Salsa night.I wonder if Leo is still waiting for his punch to turn into Jell-O?Annoyingly nostalgic. : )Iris.Three of the eight.My poofball dogwood.I want this sign!Transition.Stormy night.I think she's smiling.  Fort Southwest Point.Cloaks.Catnap.Sprouts!!Sandwich.Another maggie.Guest photographer / fish mouth.Nothing is wrong.Scary Leo!Adventures in car rentals.Hundreds of tiny eyeballs.Maggie.Almost symmetrical.March self-portrait.A pic from Saturday.Love amongst the bricks.Exit strategy.Yesterday's picture, today.I'm here.The future herb garden.Dinner at the Tomato Head.Enough of the veggies, already.Onion.Artichoke.Pancakes!Broccoli.Bristol girl.Reflective swirl.First flower.Keeping it in.I miss this hat.Beautiful strings.T & D.Morning light.Turtle in the sun.I have a new nemesis and it is a parking garage.Jeff of the Westside Daredevils.Cone.A blue eye.Triclops.J.First dance.Go. Head, heart, hustle!Leo!Happy Fourth of Valentine's!  Oh, wait...Spring??Lil green guy.Fall girls.Ian Thomas.In anticipation of snow.  Who knows?  Snellow.Tools.February self-portrait, taken in December.Multi-instrumentalist.O-R IT.Toby!Scott!Charity Rose.  The Head and the Heart.  Knoxville.Now that's an impressive flat tire!Frank of Dr. Dog.I think we needed some sun.Walking under the catalpas.Chore time.Spring?  No...not yet.Noisy.Indoor leaf study.These old shoes.Avocado leaf.T.V. Barnett of the Roan Mountain Moonshiners.Scary doll # 4.Boots & bass.Christmas is indeed over...but these blues just won't go away.1, 2, 3.Bamboo eyeball.Railing.A hat, with a feather.  Love, love.Leo is 4!Carved...or block head...or blank stare...Nessie in the snow.January self-portrait....the more they stay the same.Rapunzel's wig shop.Tiny city.Three colonial dudes walkin'.Lovely January.When I am an old woman...Sleepy sheepies.The aftermath.Cresset!Buh-bye, 2010!E.Willers.The eldest.Topsy turvy!Motes.ho ho ho.Carols at the courthouse.Willy in Gaol.One of the blacksmiths...Christmas...Christmas vacation!Olives & Spiderman.Warble.Ice storms are purdy.Cami in the snow.Nice hat.12, plus a's almost Monday.Scary doll # 3.Leafy.Storytellers.Backup.  Lil boys.Fiddler, Shotgun Party.Panty wash.Happy 10th, Eli!Happy Halloween 2010!Feelin' a little bit backwards.October self-portrait (again -- oops) - Demeter.Soup.  Yep, soup.Just because.Color-ific!Cameo.Hallow owl.Happy fall.A shameless plug...October.A trip to the pumpkin patch.  : )Alex.October self-portrait: red goldConiferous # 2.Coniferous.This one likes to watch you while you sleep.Fire dancer.Eli.  Autumn.Woody Pines at Bristol.Girl & doll.September self-portrait; or, the dog ate my hat.Just sittin'.Not too sharp.A new series.A guy from a band I didn't get to see.Woody Pines, 9/19.Popcorn.Willy Eve.MacKenzie & Abby.Jasp-ee.Jefferson.Mister serious.Listening.Naked eggplant.In love.Boots.Pipe smoke.Close-up.In restless dreams I walked alone.Ring the bell.Garage.Red triangle.Chair-y.Evening walk.Keep smilin'.Comparison.I dream of winter.Brenda's grass.Frosted Flakes.Trilby.Sleepover.Peeker.My neighbor's cat.Bowl o' basil.Music man.Thriller.Sleep well, sweet Mayhap.July self-portrait, taken in May.Where I'd like to be.Go jump in a lake!Afternoon at the lake.Funny fungus.Fiesta!Another first day.Rainbow.First day.Doorknobs.Ah, water!I'm sure you won't approve.Annie Clark, from the archives.Blue-tipped.Eagle guy.Norris Day.Leo, traffic director.Strangers with bubbles.Thumbnail.Mud bath.Barred owl.Mug.Adventures.Christabel.Weaponry.The Gulf.The mud brothers.Summertime Will.Come thou font of every blessing.A gaggle of reenactors. A fleeting glimpse of the barred owl I found in my backyard.Every which way.Forgotten bulb.Light rain & softball.Instruments.Simple green.On the edge.Mud Fun Day.Fountain.A grand adventure.The St. Stephen's Beheaders.What did he see?Broken mirror.Camille and I.Snack time for deer.Globes.Rising up to the challenge of our rival!Frog tired.Baby.Nunsuch.Summer herbs.May self-portrait.CCR.Up with the owls.Scattered shadows.Intertwined.  Or chained.Fortunate.Lion.Seth.Bucket.Little blue.Spectators.Bright colors, sleepy me.Mama pig.Quiet afternoon.A gathering of friends.St. Francis revisited.Nuns.Nap?  Please?Willy in Asheville.Mother's Day.Dancers.Not Dr. Dog.Nashville bound.Happy 3rd Birthday, Camera Shy.Wheels.Shelby?Sneaky asparagus. Buttery.My Friday evening.Beam me up!Nessie."Why yes!  I am going to smack you with this!"Weiner.Reflective.The always lovely Christa DeCicco.Congratulations, J & C!Open & Closed.Blue skateboard.April self-portrait.Pokey & Megan.Prom kids.It was super and hoopy.Sweet Camille.Contrasty-Will.Softball!The littlest Beheader.Track & Field.A little blue on a big foot.Baby Superman.A path that wanders.Hello blue.Old timer.Cookie.A serious egg hunter.Finch eggs.Daffodil.  A mess of magnolias.Another little friend among the magnolias.Egg time.Drama in real life.The lovely St. Vincent.Rose petals on Gay Street.Red bull.Rootbound.  Frog eyes.March self-portrait.Water boy.Moth eye.Frozen Head.Pier kid.Leprechaun.Kitchen colors.The magic of brotherly love.Droplets.Oregano on my windowsill.Red shed.Cars.Lifestar.Eyebrows.Green.Better luck next time, ye litterbug.The strange new world of swing dancing.Days are just drops in the river.The Willy Smile.Bearded.Hiding upstairs.Tough guy.Red berries.Almost hidden.Vancouver.Ok...I fibbed.Fallen feather.One more from last night.Woody Pines.Superstitious?First crocus.When a string restring.Yup.One last snow picture.Peeking sunshine.Blue tubes.Orchid revisited.The lovely orchid.Too sleepy to think of a clever title.  : )Leo wears my hat.Snowflakes on Moleskine.Hungry dino.Circles in the dark.The foot of the stairs.Tripp.Surfer guy, last summer.Choo choo rain.Walk in the wildflowers.A little bit lostLittle drifts.Tree sky.Icy!Anticipation.On my mind.Little wildcat.Foggy morning window.My comfy bed in my green room.Craving springtime.Owl eyes.Hill of self-portrait.Crosby Threshing Barn at Norris Dam State Park.Wishing for snow.Eli, watching WWII videos.A little message in my new house.Seabirds.Mushy.The Welcome Penguin.Leo turns three.Slow moving.Eucalyptus.Window shopping.Edwina's necklace.Happy bus.Borrowed snow.Fortune telling.Thoughtful, anxious.How Eli's allergist made a friend for life...Good-bye, Christmas.Three nuns.St. FrancisA warm picture for a cold rainy night.'twas the week after Christmas...Woot!  Christmas loot!Clowning around...groan...Merry Christmas Eve!Sharp!Fun Dollywood bokeh!Chair.Flaky.December self-portrait.Irregular night.Red bow.Simple pleasures.My lovely Eli.Tuba tuba.Marching feet.I love a parade!Cold!100%!Give a hoot.Willy & Pumpkin the cat.Decorator.Let it snow....Ready for beddy tonighty.Shutters.Light.This picture cost me $.89 and it was totally worth it.Crepe paper poinsettias.Streetlight.November self-portrait.2 girls, 2 dogs.Turkey and Owl day.Turkey eve.Forest.Yet another Williamsburg picture...Sock envy.Shoe envy.Turquoise & gold.Up or down?Jason.Turn into.Stretch!My Mona Lisa.Bug eyes.Marbled.People watching.Beautiful black gum.Sheeply.Allstar.Fifes and drum.One more client picture (for now).Crispy!Clients!Sans kidlets.Twine.Attached to hats.A nice tune.October self-portrait.Tiger toes.Nosferatu.Link!Chaplin.Green!Ah, ye lovely fall day!Spider, spider.My first photo show.  : )Fortune it really already October 21?Balance.Ice cream.Busy day, yeah?Rock show!Night-time projects.Rain.Me and my mama.Buds.Stop.  Hammer time.It calls to me...I love people.Circles.Cross country Cami!Eye to eye.Gulp!Golden fall light.Be like the squirrel, girl.Illuminate.October at the Arboretum.Shaggy x 3.Another Bristol pic.Chimes.A dude and some empty chairs.Ruth.Song.Cross country.Nerds need love too.Beardy.Musician on the street.Our weekend with Dr. Dog.Nightfall.Express.Willy & friends.Birthday boy.I dream of cameras.Romance.September self-portrait.Party!Oh yeah, they're wild.September Caption Contest.Foogy morning.Dewdrops.Down by the water.Church/personal/thinky.Rowers...!hats cheeriosUnderwater again.Underwater.Bored.Spooky time.Save the manatee.Khaki.Pinecone.More lines.August self-portrait.And learn to fly again.Playground lines.Kudzu.Cilantro.Friday smile.Quiet spiral.Zinnia.Rusty.Mr. Strawberry.Wishful thinking.Tuning.A fun Friday evening.Two!Lizz'sSilly Willy.B.Hardy duncecap.Untitled.Cello girl.Staring down the cake.Puppy bug.Bundled.Bottles.Stress.The cat brothers.Open your big eyes.Disconnected.Blueberries!Set sail.Amelia Hotel at the Beach.Gulls.Blue.Sunrise, sunrise.My mom.I'm on a pier.I'm on a boat.Beach birdy.Baby Zelda!Crabby.  : )Back to school.Pesto.  Presto.Simmons.July self-portrait.Vent.Vacation '09.Strangers.A great day.A fun evening in the carport.Out of focus.The wisdom of Shrek.Yea!  A butterfly!Norris Day fireworks.Fireworks.July 3rd.Slump.Ernie the reenactor.Running, running.Porta-potty cowboy.Wontons.Ghost.I miss my Cami.Water.  Balloons.A field trip to Sunrise!Furry friends!Blah.Threshing barn.WWII reenactment at the 2009 Secret City Festival.Rosewood.Farfalle & olives.False moon.Coneflowers at Stanley's Greenhouse.Serious Leo.June self-portrait.Water-fun-Leo.Sunlight & shadows.Scraggly knot.The water-flinging spider.Shirley known as Stanley.Monday.Monster bed.Going in circles.First day / last day.Busy.Ladylike.Almost a sixth grader.Shamwow!Sillyness.Smiley.Building again.